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The self-paced format allows for a custom experience based on there enrollee. Life does not stop because you want to make a change, you have to adapt. This home inspection course allows you the flexibility to complete the material at your own pace and schedule your one on one afterward 


We're committed to helping you achieve your goals, and we understand that affordability is a key factor. That's why we offer payment options to make our products and services accessible to everyone.


Your background, gender, level of expertise, or even a history of drug convictions do not hinder your ability to become a skilled and prosperous home inspector. It is possible for anyone to achieve success and gain the necessary knowledge in this field, regardless of their background or previous experiences.

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Upon completion of this course, you will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to perform inspections with confidence and accuracy. The course material goes beyond standard practices and includes insights gained from years of trial and error, mentorship, and seeking help. It took six years to acquire the knowledge that should have been learned in three, and the challenges faced along the way are what sets this course apart. Through this home inspector course were confident that you can secure your first client and many more after.

The course will cover:

  • Standards of Practice

  • Tools

  • Performing Inspections

  • Marketing

  • What NOT to do

All resources, including books, flashlights, and other tools, will be provided for your field inspections. Just dress comfortably and come ready to learn. For online-only inspectors, you will receive all the included books and resources via mail. Welcome to the Inspector Corner!

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